Rez Download + Install

  1. Download and unzip it.
  2. Download and install Java jre or sdk 1.2 or later (I use jdk1.4)
  3. Install the java sdk (.e.g. by running the .exe on a Windows system)
  4. Work out which plugins you need (e.g. ParseTopo for gtopo30 input and the "standard" plugin directory for standard vrml output).
  5. Find the sample .bat and config files that are provided in the exampleRunFiles directory (e.g. gtopo2standard.bat and gtopo2StdConfig.txt)
  6. Read the guide doco. to gain an understanding of the parameter meanings and look at the two sample run files files to be sure you understand them.  Adjust the parameters in both files to suit.  Also look at the for a complete example.
  7. run Rez (e.g. through a batch file on Windows).  If you do not get the output  you want you can contact me...:
  8. For displaying VRML files produced by Rez install the Blaxxun Contact browser plugin from or
Note1: the Rez.jar needs to be in the CLASSPATH when running Rez - as settings in the example batch files.
Note2: Rez should now be portable to non Windows operating systems like Unix as file path handling has been made portable.

For general grid style height fields: the ASCI plugins can be used to parse a simple ASCI grid height field and the bil parser can be used for binary (16 bit float) height fields.

However note:
For ASCI input the file needs a ".asc" extension and the header information needed at the beginning of the ASCI files like:
ncols         373
nrows         305
xllcorner     388321.958559
yllcorner     6752027.173211
cellsize      10
NODATA_value  -9999

For binary (bil) input the file may need teh extension changed to .dem and it needs an associated header file with a ".hdr" extension and the header information needed at the beginning of the asci files like:
byteorder I
nbits 16
xdim 10.000000
ydim 10.000000
ncols 700
nrows 670
nbands 1
Datum AGD66
UTM Zone 55
mapunits METERS
ulxmap 383805.000000
ulymap 5402695.000000

Currently byteorder is ignored but there is a swapBytes flag.  nbands, utm zone and datum are currently ignored.