1. 3D terrain management tool 2. Interaction design 3. J2EE Spatial Database 4. Client Application - Alpha ready for public demo 5. Client application with detailed framework data and sample content 6. Public beta 7. Version 1.0

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Project milestones for year one.

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Milestone 1, the 3D terrain management tool (Rez).
A running application, source code, example files and documentation.

Milestone 2, the interaction design specification document.
A Design specification summary, Functional Specification, Design Principles and approaches document and Use Case Scenarios.

Milestone 3, the J2EE spatial database.
A standards review, implementation notes, core metadata element set, extension element sets and sample database implementation.

Milestone 4, an alpha version ready for public demo.
A demo capable of browsing a VR earth database with simple test content, zooming from orbit down to human scale.

Milestone 5, an alpha version with detailed data.
A client Application with detailed framework data and sample content incorporating a virtual city, detailed terrain and the use of archetypes and metadata.

[view archetypes]

Milestone 6, a public beta version.
A client application capable of reading from & writing to a geospatial database, and a server application capable of storing and retrieving data input by users of the client application.

Milestone 7, Client and Server applications, capable of performing all actions specified in the interaction design document (milestone 2)


1. 3D terrain management tool ping