1. 3D terrain management tool

3MAP - milestone 3.

metadata : implementation


Implementation Notes


3map's geodatabase runs on PostgreSQL, PostGIS and Geoserver (J2EE), which allows us to support OGC's Web Feature Service specification.

This allows us to specify features, which are the fundamental units of data in our system. This data will then be tagged with metadata on the server, which when combined with user actions will effect the presentation of that data in the client.


Inline metadata

3map's VR representation is based on GeoVRML, which incorporates the GeoMetadata node. GeoMetadata offers a Summary string array so that a defined subset of metadata can be expressed within the GeoVRML file, and a URL field to link to metadata in external formats such as OGC Metadata.

GeoVRML GeoMetadata node syntax

   exposedField MFNode   data       # []
   exposedField MFString summary    # []
   exposedField MFString url        # []
] [ "urn:web3d.org:vrml97:node:GeoMetadata"
    "http://www.geovrml.org/1.1/protos/GeoMetadata.wrl" ]