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3MAP - milestone 3.

metadata : core elements

Core Metadata Elements

3map will support multiple metadata element sets, allowing users to tag data according to a schema of their choosing, appropriate to their worldview and requirements.

However, all Features created in the 3map interface will have a core set of mandatory elements, in order to support, at a minimum, initial data discovery.

Most of the elements in this mandatory set can be implied from user actions, and will not need to be directly edited by users.


Element set

Ping's core metadata elements will be the set of Mandatory elements from OGC Metadata
(ISO 19115:2003 - Metadata)

Annex B (Data dictionary for geographic metadata) contains over 400 tags. All of these could be appropriate for various applications of the 3map platform. An analysis of Annex B indicates a much smaller subset of Mandatory elements, which corresponds well to other core standards.

The diagram below shows the relationship between elements in this hierarchy.

The table below details those relationships, and defines the elements in sufficient detail for implementation.



Line Topic Definition Domain
1 ❑ MD_Metadata root entity which defines metadata about a resource or resources Lines 2-22
8 ❑ contact party responsible for the metadata information CI_ResponsibleParty (B.3.2)
374 ❑ CI_ResponsibleParty identification of, and means of communication with, person(s) and organisations associated with the dataset Lines 375-379
375 ❑ individualName name of the responsible person - surname, given name, title separated by a delimiter Free text
376 ❑ organisationName name of the responsible organisation Free text
377 ❑ positionName role or position of the responsible person Free text
379 ❑ role function performed by the responsible party CI_RoleCode <<CodeList>> (B.5.5)
B.5.5.1 ❑ CI_RoleCode function performed by the responsible party RoleCd
B.5.5.2 ❑ resourceProvider party that supplies the resource 001
B.5.5.3 ❑ custodian party that accepts accountability and responsibility for the data and ensures appropriate care & maintenance of the resource 002
B.5.5.4 ❑ owner party that owns the resource 003
B.5.5.5 ❑ user party who uses the resource 004
B.5.5.6 ❑ distributor party who distributes the resource 005
B.5.5.7 ❑ originator party who created the resource 006
B.5.5.8 ❑ pointOfContact party who can be contacted for acquiring knowledge about the acquisition of the resource 007
B.5.5.9 ❑ principalInvestigator key party responsible for gathering information and conducting research 008
B.5.5.10 ❑ processor party who has processed the data in a manner such that the resource has been modified 009
B.5.5.11 ❑ publisher party who published the resource 010
9 ❑ dateStamp date that the metadata was created Date (B.4.2)
external ❑ Date gives values for year, month and day as specified by ISO 8601 - YYYY-MM-DD (eg 1997-07-16) ISO TS 19103
15 ❑ Role name: identificationInfo basic information about the resource(s) to which the metadata applies MD_Identification <<abstract>> (B.2.2)
23 ❑ MD_Identification basic information required to uniquely identify a resource or resources Lines 24-35
24 ❑ citation citation data for the resource(s) CI_Citation (B.3.2) <<DataType>>
359 ❑ CI_Citation standardised resource reference Lines 360-373
360 ❑ title name by which the cited resource is known Free text
362 ❑ date reference date for the cited resource CI_Date (B.3.2.3) <<DataType>>
393 ❑ CI_Date reference date and event used to describe it Lines 394-395
394 ❑ date reference date for the cited resource Date (B.4.2)
external ❑ Date gives values for year, month and day as specified by ISO 8601 - YYYY-MM-DD (eg 1997-07-16) ISO TS 19103
395 ❑ dateType event used for reference date CI_DateTypeCode <<CodeList>> (B.5.2)
B.5.2.1 ❑ CI_DateTypeCode identification of when a given event occurred DateTypeCd
B.5.2.2 ❑ creation date identifies when the resource was brought into existence 001
B.5.2.3 ❑ publication date identifies when the resource was issued 002
B.5.2.4 ❑ revision date identifies when the resource was examined or re-examined and improved or amended 003
25 ❑ abstract brief narrative summary of the content of the resource(s) Free text