1. 3D terrain management tool

3MAP - milestone 2.

interaction design : use cases : 4

Use Case 4

Rental accommodation

1. Requirements

David is looking for a 3-bedroom house to rent in Sydney for between $250 and $300/week. His daughter is athsmatic, so he wants a house without carpet. He will be working from home, and will require a broadband Internet connection.


2. Constraints

Invariant conditions

David has access to a computer with

  • broadband Internet access
  • 3D hardware acceleration
  • an Earth browser installed


David has an information-seeking goal as defined.


David will have found the required information.




3. Scenario

David double-clicks on planet-earth, zooms in to Sydney (He has the city bookmarked). David goes to the Filters menu and pops up Rental Accommodation Price & Availability. As he moves the sliders to $250-300/week and 3 bedrooms, he can see by the clusters of dots that appear that his choice of suburbs is limited.

David pops up House Features, and clicks No Carpet. Some of the dots glow brighter.

David goes back to the filters menu, and chooses Services/Internet Access/Broadband. Overlapping coverage maps appear.

He notes that one of his suburb options has cable, while another only has ADSL.

His daughter has asthma, so he pops up Health Statistics and clicks on Athsma Occurrence. He can see some of the inner west areas he was eyeing now don't look so promising.

He zooms in to a likely-looking suburb, zooms again to a cluster of available places, and has a look at the neighbourhood from the air.

David picks a house near a park. Zooms down to the block, and pops up Time and Development Approvals.

As David zooms forward in time he can see that nothing big and ugly is planned to go up next door, so he zooms right down to the front door, and goes inside.

The real estate agent uploaded a model of the home including interiors back when this place was for sale, which as an added bonus is now helping the new owner lease the place.

It looks good, so David phones the agent to make an appointment for an inspection.

While he's on hold Bob makes three bookmarks, showing the house at present and the future of the area, and emails these to his wife for her to take a look at.