1. 3D terrain management tool

3MAP - milestone 2.

interaction design : use cases : 2

Use Case 2

Cafe owner


1. Requirements

Bob owns a cafe in centrepoint tower. He would like to add useful information to the 3map system so that users of the system can easily find his cafe, and thereby increase his custom.


2. Constraints

Invariant conditions

Bob has access to a computer with

  • broadband Internet access
  • 3D hardware acceleration
  • an Earth browser installed


Bob has an information-publishing goal as defined.


Bob will have published the desired information.




3. Scenario

Bob opens his Earth browser, and zooms down to Centrepoint tower.

This is a single step for Bob - he has the location bookmarked. The bookmark file stores XML values in the settings for his Earth browser, indicating the viewpoint (location) and world view (configuration of filter sets) active when the bookmark was made. If the Time filter is active, for example, the bookmark will be of that place in that moment of time. If the Time filter is not active, the bookmark will take the user to the right location, but at their own present time.

The managers of the tower have already uploaded a model of the building. The exterior was completed months ago. Last week they finishied modeling the interior.

Bob navigates to his cafe's location, selects the node that's already there, and clicks ADD. He fills in his opening hours, menu and daily specials. Visitors to the virtual cafe will know that this information was posted by the owner, because Bob posts his email address, which is at the cafe's domain.

He opens a text annotation field, and posts an offer - a free lunch for the first person with a login to the coffee-lovers account to come in and try his new Mocha blend. Bob knows that the coffee-lovers stamp of approval is worth having.