1. 3D terrain management tool

3MAP - milestone 2.

interaction design : use cases : 1b

Use Case 1b

Find holiday accomodation with 3map


1. Requirements

Alice is looking for a place to stay on a drive from Sydney to Melbourne. She knows she'll want to stay half-way down, but doesn't know the names of the towns in that area. She'd like a place near a river, less than $120/night, with a room available on the night of the 20th Feb. She'd like it if they served decent coffee.


2. Constraints

Invariant conditions

Alice has access to a computer with

  • broadband Internet access
  • 3D hardware acceleration
  • an Earth browser installed


Alice has an information-seeking goal as defined.


Alice will have discovered the required information.





3. Scenario

Geospatial information seeking using a Web Augmented Virtual Earth browser powered by 3map

Alice double-clicks on her Earth browser.

The world rotates on her screen.



She zooms in the map to show the area about halfway between Sydney and Melbourne.




Alice goes to the Filters menu and selects Active Filters. The following pop up:

  • Cities
  • Streets

they are already configured to show major highways and cities listed in the Australian Place Names register.



Alice decides to look at the area between Golburn and Albury. Zooming down further, Alice tracks the highway.



Alice goes to the Filters menu and selects the following filter sets:

  • Accomodation
  • Coffee Lovers Guide

From the Accomodation set she opens Holiday, and then selects Motels.

The Coffee Lovers Guide is a custom filter, maintained by a user group of which Alice is a member.

Accomodation/Holiday/Motels contains the following filters:

  • Price
  • Vacancy



As Alice manipulates the Price and Vacancy sliders, little sigils appear on the map. She presses Z on the keyboard to zoom in, and tracks along the highway.


Zomming in again, she spots a likely place, which she can see is near a river.

She clicks on the likely-looking sigil and presses Z on the keyboard to zoom in.


From the satellite photo she can tell it has a pool, although the 3D model is a generic Motel token, so she doesn't get any detailed info on how it looks unless she clicks on the link to their website for some fuzzy photos.

There's no info on how good the coffee is, but Alice can see an icon indicating excellent coffee in a nearby town. That will do. She clicks through to their website and makes a booking.

When Alice arrives it's a nice place, so in the morning instead of trekking into the nearby town for coffee, she orders one at the motel. It's terrible. Using her WAP phone, she logs in to planet-earth.org and uploads a one-star rating to the coffee-lovers guide. The next traveller who comes this way will be forewarned.