1. 3D terrain management tool

3MAP - milestone 2.

interaction design : use cases : 1


Use Case 1

Find holiday accomodation


1. Requirements

Alice is looking for a place to stay on a drive from Sydney to Melbourne. She knows she'll want to stay half-way down, but doesn't know the names of the towns in that area. She'd like a place near a river, less than $120/night, with a room available on the night of the 20th Feb. She'd like it if they served decent coffee.


2. Constraints

Invariant conditions

Alice has access to a computer with

  • broadband Internet access
  • 3D hardware acceleration
  • a Web browser installed


Alice has an information-seeking goal as defined.





3a. Scenario

Geospatial information seeking using the existing Web

Alice is unfamilar with the area she'll be visiting, and doesn't know the names of the towns. She tries a Google search for "motel southern NSW".

Most hotels and motels have websites, but they don't all tell her whether they have rooms available, and if they do the interfaces are not consistent.

Alice looks for online maps to look for town names, but there aren't any with enough detail. There are a dozen relevant accommodation-finding websites, each of which has 6 or 8 paid listings.

Some sites attempt to provide a comprehensive list, but give very limited details on locations which have not paid for a listing.

For example, Alice looks through one site with a clear layout and attractive design, offering a list of accommodation in the NSW Southern Tablelands.




The navigation bar offers Internet Tour and Maps, but none are available.




Alice chooses a town at random from a long list of unfamiliar names: Jugiong. She then chooses a motel name from the list, and is given a name and phone number, but no website link as this is an unpaid listing.




Alice uses Google to track down the website for this unpaid listing.

The Jugiong Motor Inn website is unusually attractive and clearly laid out. Alice quickly finds a map of its location, and discovers that the motel is over a hundred kilometers north of her target.

Alice then has to then go back and repeat this process, clicking through to the individual websites and hunting around for information regarding location, price and room availability, which may or may not be available.

After 30 minutes, Alice has found details on three locations, none of which are suitable.

Alice exits the web browser, and double-clicks on her Earth browser.