1. 3D terrain management tool

3MAP - milestone 2.

interaction design : functional specification

Functional Specification

draft v0.1

Users of the 3map system should have access to the following level of functionality:




Navigate in the Virtual Reality geospatial enviroment

Function: Free navigation in three dimensions

Degree: Navigate to within clear view of target object or place.

Success parameters: Accuracy, ease of movement, and speed of learning for advanced and beginning users.




Annotate nodes with structured metadata

Function: Add and edit structured metadata for nodes

Degree: Annotate any node, both impliciptly (by user actions in creating the node and selecting an archetype) and explicitly (by adding details to a form attached to a node). Using metadata standards to be defined in Milestone 3.

Success parameters: Ease of annotation, accuracy and usefulness of annotations.




Place nodes in geospace

Function: Placement of a node anywhere on the surface of the planet.

Degree: To within 1cm accuracy for users with known coordinates.

Success parameters: Accuracy, ease of placement, speed of learning for advanced users.




Filter their view (to manage complexity) using dynamic queries

Function: Control visibility of nodes within user's view to manage complexity and facilitate visual information seeking.

Degree: Interactive control of node visibility through a direct-manipulation interface.

Success parameters: User success in complexity management and information seeking.




Select geometric archetypes for nodes

Function: Selection of geometric archetype as a 3D object to represent a node.

Degree: Recognisable archetype available for at least 20 most commonly placed nodes.

Success parameters: Recognisability of selected archetypes, ease of selection, speed of learning for advanced users.





All functions

Invariant success parameters: User satisfaction, engagement, immersion and task completion.