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3map - the 3D interactive map of the planet

Try the live 3map demo now

System Requirements for planetary demo:

  • A broadband internet connection
  • A Windows machine (Mac and Linux see below)
  • A recent consumer grade 3D card (such as an ATI Radeon 9600, 9700, 9800, or NVidia GeForce 3, 4 or FX)
  • BS Contact 6.1 (free download)

Enter 3map's virtual earth

Demo instructions in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format - suitable for printing.

3map's virtual earth comprises a virtual representation of the entire planet, including all the material in the individual demos below. It requires BS Contact 6.1 (available for Windows only) as other VRML/X3D browsers do not support the level-of-detail management required to display such a large dataset.

However subsets of the Earth - individual cities or mountain ranges, for example - can be viewed in other VRML/X3D browsers, which are available for most computer platforms. See below to try the individual demos for yourself.

System Requirements for individual demos:

  • A broadband internet connection
  • Windows, Mac or Linux PC
  • A recent consumer grade 3D card (such as an ATI Radeon 9600, 9700, 9800, or NVidia GeForce 3, 4 or FX)
  • A VRML/X3D Browser (free download)

Visit Virtual Sydney

Fly over the Tasmanian wilderness

Explore the Dolomite Mountains of Italy



Project materials including demonstrations, documentation, executables and source code are being placed in the Milestones section as they are completed.



3map is a Free Software project. We welcome collaborators. Developers, 3D modelers, writers, designers, and all sorts of other people will be needed to build planet-earth.

To get involved, email us or join the 3map-dev mailing list.

If you don't want to dive in, but would like periodic updates on the project (around once a month), you can join the 3map-announce mailing list instead.



Earth's Avatar - the Web Augmented Virtual Earth

Documents can be made available in cross-platform formats as required.


Zooming in from orbit into Australia, and then down to Sydney to the forecourt of the Museum of Contemporary Art.


4th April 2004
Milestone 8
Source Code Release

1st February 2004
Milestone 7

planet-earth 1.0 released

1st December 2003 Version 1.0 Demo released

1st November 2003
Milestone 6
Public Beta

1st September 2003
Milestone 5
Alpha version 2

6th August 2003
ping wins award, acclaim at SIGGRAPH 2003 Web3D Showcase

1st August 2003
3D Interactive Map of the World Depends on Open Standards
OGC User

1st July 2003
Milestone 4
Alpha ready for public demo

1st June 2003
Milestone 3
J2EE spatial database & metadata specification

20th May 2003
He's got the whole world in his browser
Sydney Morning Herald/Melbourne Age
[detailed version of accompanying graph]

1st May 2003
Milestone 2
Interaction design specification document

18th March 2003
Milestone 1
3D terrain management tool (Rez)

18th February 2003
ping receives funding to develop 3map from the Telstra Broadband Fund
Telstra press release

15th May 2001
Web 3D to map the whole world
Sydney Morning Herald

Press images

Download print-resolution images suitable for press


For more information, please phone +61.2.9500 6222 or email